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NewMusicMonday.com is Live!


Well its official! Patrick and Tim have officially launched at the new site newmusicmonday.com and as always we’d be really appreciative if you took a few minutes and took a listen/gave some feedback on itunes.  Let us know what you think of the new site!

Update on Upcoming Shows

Two important things of note (is that redundant?) First of all, we won’t be taking part in the September 20th show at The Avenue so if you’re hoping to see MR… you may be disappointed.  And secondofly the Shane and Shane show will not be featuring Moving Rushmore, but instead will be the debut of the new side project!  We’ll also have some sweet new shirts courtesy of the design talents of Jeff Moore.  Make sure and check out his website! www.jeffmoorephotography.com

And the grammy goes to…

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!   After much deliberating, tallying of votes, and reviewing all of the input, the name of the new side project is… Sidetrack Monday!  We got lots of great suggestions and we thought we’d share a few standouts.  NOTE: The names and suggestions here are not those of Sidetrack Monday, Moving Rushmore, or any associated parties.


Most Random: Apple Maggot Quarantine (AMQ)

Most Persistent: Interludes

Most Intellectual: Melisma (look it up)

Best MR spin-off: Moving Badlands

Most Offensive: (removed)

Best Use of Patrick’s Name: SidePACKed

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Side Project Needs A Name (Help!)

Tim and Pack

We need your help.  And by we, I mean Patrick and Tim. We have moved to Kansas City and are going to be giving a lot more time to the music thing.  Along with MR we’ll be doing a side project where we record and release a new song every Monday (hence our new domain possibly visual.

We’d also love it if you left a comment below as to what you like about the name you chose.  If you have a good alternative name post that as well.  We’d really appreciate any help you can give us.

Use the little player for a sample of some ROUGH recordings Pack has done to get a feel for our sound. NOTE: These weren’t intended for public consumption and are really just sketches…  Please vote just once. Thanks!

Voting is Closed!

Upcoming Shows – Sept 20 & 28

Shane and Shane

Are you all in Moving Rushmore withdrawal?  Because we are.  But not for long!  We have a couple of shows coming up down in the Wichita area in the next month.  The first show will be a benefit for the victims of the Myanmar cyclone September 20, 7pm at “The Avenue” (612 S. Commerce). And for the second show we get to open for the one (two) and only Shane and Shane!  It’ll be at the El Dorado Middle School Sept 28, also at 7pm (500 W Central Ave) and tickets are ten bucks.  Should be a great time!

Tickets can be purchased at the door for both shows.

UPDATE: Preorder tickets for the Shane and Shane show is now available.

Goin to Kansas City… Kansas City here we come

Kansas City

Well its official.  Pack made the move a little over a month ago and now Tim is in KC as well, although currently homeless.  The next year is going to be very exciting.  We’ve got new songs, new ideas, and more importantly time to work on all of them as both Tim and Pack are currently unemployed (anyone need a part time video guy?)  Stay tuned!

Tap, Tap, Tapulous

Tap Tap

We’ve got a couple of fun updates for all of you out there.  First off… maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called the iPhone.  Well free to vote no for everyone else…

And secondofly we’ve got a fun announcement.  Tim is a big home theater nut and as such built his own home theater pc.  His software of choice: SageTV.  It basically turns your computer into a tivo.  Well… the folks over at Sage were kind enough to include the Moving Rushmore vidcast in their program!

Moving Rushmore on Sage TV

So if any of you are home theater nuts out there… SageTV just got that much cooler.  So buy it!  Get your Oprah and Moving Rushmore fix in one convenient place!